5 Factors of Successful Polygraph Testing

You have, no doubt, heard the conflicting stories about polygraph testing, wondering how much of it is true and whether or not these tests can really be helpful. Thankfully, the answer is a definite ‘yes’ in favour of polygraph services, if they are implemented properly.

Here are the five factors to consider if you want to use polygraph services to help your business:

1. Only Use Certified Experts

Having a certified expert performing your polygraph tests is the best way to ensure results and reliability. Most professional private detectives and investigators make use of certified polygraph experts.These individuals qualify as expert witnesses should the case in question go to court.

2. Confirm the Physical and Mental Fitness of Subjects

Especially in cases of drug detection, determining that the subject/employee in question is fit to be polygraphed is vital. Where long term drug use can lead to physical and mental problems, polygraph services may prove inaccurate due to the individual’s condition. This could lead to the results being inadmissible at best and,at worst, to legal ramifications. So always be sure to evaluate the employee fully before proceeding.

3. Provide a Full Process Explanation

Leading on from point two above, beyond ensuring that the individual is fit to undergo polygraph testing they must also receive a full explanation of the processes involved. This means that the private detectives and investigators performing the polygraph services must explain every step, in detail, ensuring that the employee understands.

4. Obtain Written Consent

Once the process has been fully explained and the individual is confirmed to be fit for testing, written consent is essential. Without their written consent the results will, again, be inadmissible. Also, by testing them without consent you are liable to face charges relating to forcing them to take such a test against their will, leading to serious legal trouble.

5. Ensure Testimony of the Findings

Finally, after you have made sure to cover all of these bases, and the matter goes to trial, you need your expert witness to testify to the results. This is especially important in cases where the results may be contested, since polygraph results generally cannot be used to imply guilt. However, with sufficient support and expert opinion, they add valuable backup to other evidence that your private detectives and investigators would have collected.

Still Unsure?

Contact the experts over at D&K Management Consultants. They have been handling investigations of this kind for years and know exactly how to make sure that you get the most accurate results, with none of the backlash.


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