Treatment Of Lung Cancer

Just like all the cancers, cancer in the lung also results from the abnormality of the cell in the body. Normally the human body goes through a checking system that balances and checks on the growth of the cells. So the cells only get divided and produce new cells whenever there is any need in the body. So, if there is any disruption in this system of checking and the balance, there will be a problem that will result in a countless growth of cells. This growth of the cells eventually forms a mass that is known as a tumour.

Tumours are malignant and when we are talking about cancer then we are referring to a tumour that is malignant. This kind of tumours grows very fast from the point of their start and might enter the bloodstream and spread in the other parts of the body. This process of spread is called metastasis. Lung cancer also tends to spread or metastasize very fast right from the start. For more information the patient can search for the lung cancer treatment Singapore.

Treatment Of Lung Cancer

There is not a specific treatment for the lung cancer, the doctors will examine the condition of the patient and decide the kind of treatment for the patient. Generally, the treatments depend on the part on

  • What type of disease the patient has
  • What is the stage of the cancer
  • Whether cancer has spread in your body or not
  • What are the side effects that the treatment might cause
  • General health and goals of the patient
  • Goals and preferences of the patient

You can also ask your doctor about the treatment plan, benefit and how will you feel during and after the treatment


Going for surgery is an option for the patient in a case where cancer has not spread far in the body. It usually happens when the patient has a non-small-cell lung cancer. The doctor can remove the lung part or sometimes the entire line has to be removed. However, the patients might also need chemotherapy and radiation after surgery

Radiofrequency Ablation

If the patient has a non-small lung cancer and is not able to have any surgery then the radiofrequency ablation is an option. n this treatment the doctor will guide a small and thin needle through the skin of the patient and until it touches a tumour that is inside the patient. After that, an electric current is passed through the needle that kills all the cancer cells.


High energy X-rays are used by the doctor to point them at cancer with the help of machines and kill cancer. It is effective in both the cases of small-cell lung and non-small-cell lung cancer. The radiation treatment is given for a few days at a time and for several weeks. This is mainly given in order to shrink the tumour o that it becomes easier in removing. It is also given after the surgery to kill the cancer cells that have been left behind. Some people also combine this treatment with chemotherapy.

Cancer is a life-threatening disease. It changes the life of the patient forever. However, it is important that the patients should also take precautionary measures from before and adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you are suffering then you can also opt for lung cancer treatment Singapore for best results.


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